The best itineraries to discover Venice

Venice from A to Z for curious travelers

This itinerary will make you discover Venice for the first time: you will see the historic center with its intricate maze of streets, the less visited areas between St. Mark’s, where we will visit the basilica adorned with rare marbles and mosaics from various periods, St Mark’s square with its buildings, the Rialto Bridge with the amazing view of the Grand Canal. You will hear about the history of the city, why it was built on a lagoon, how Venetians live today, what is the typical cuisine and I will help you to orient yourself in the city and plan your days in Venice. Visit of the basilica with skip-the-line service (with supplement). Duration 2 hours.

Rialto, Venetian merchants, spices, courtesans and banks

A visit to discover the center of trade of the Serenissima Republic: the Rialto bridge with its stores, the Grand Canal and its palaces, the fish market. You will hear the story of the ancient banks and Venetian merchants, of the spice routes, you will see Marco Polo’s house with the story of his travels in China along the Silk Road. You will cross the ancient area of the Venetian courtesans, where you will learn about curiosities seeing an area outside the tourist routes rich in small and large architectural gems. Duration 2 hours

Walks in ‘Minor Venice’

These are two Venetian itineraries in the most authentic Venice that will allow you to enjoy the quietest areas of the city with genuine views:

– Visit the sestiere of Castello, ancient quarter of the arsenalotti and Venetian sailors: the monumental entrance to the Arsenal, the church of San Francesco della Vigna with its rich pictorial and sculptural decoration and the campo dei Santissimi Giovanni e Paolo, one of the most beautiful in Venice. You can visit a Venetian mask workshop during the tour. Duration 2 hours                                        

-Visit to the Dorsoduro district, rich in art galleries and typical craft stores: the Accademia Galleries, the ancient Dogana da Mar, the church of Santa Maria della Salute, the Scuola Grande di San Rocco and the Frari church. Duration from 2 to 4 hours including visits to museums, churches or art galleries.

Cannaregio and the Jewish Ghetto

The visit takes place in the Cannaregio district, one of the most characteristic areas of Venice with large civil and religious buildings, there are many bacari (typical taverns) frequented by Venetians and tourists, the house of Tintoretto, the church of Madonna dell’Orto where the brilliant Venetian painter was buried and the ancient Jewish ghetto, where the international Jewish community of Venice lived for almost three hundred years building five synagogues, still existing and where they held the pawnshops. Even today there are kosher restaurants, typical bakeries and many monuments that recall the close ties of the Jewish community with Venice. Duration from 2 to 3 with visits to the church of Madonna dell’Orto or to the synagogues.

Visit to the old places of foreigners communities in Venice

Many foreign communities lived in the Venetian Republic and became part of the history of Venice. This Venetian itinerary will take you to discover in the districts of San Marco and Castello the places where these communities lived and will let you know their history. You’ll see the places of the Armenian community, the area of the Greek community with the church of San Giorgio dei Greci, and the Dalmatian community with a visit to the Scuola degli Schiavoni that preserves the cycle of paintings by Vittore Carpaccio dedicated to St. George and St. Tryphon. Duration from 2 to 3 hours including visits inside the church and confraternity.

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