Visit of the church of Frari and the Scuola Grande di San Rocco

The guided tour to the church of Frari and Scuola of San Rocco will take you to discovery Venetian history, architecture and art.

The church of Frari houses works of art from the Fourteenth to the Nineteenth century, tombs of important Doges and mausoleums of Venetian artists. Inside the church are preserved some masterpieces by Titian, Giovanni Bellini and Paolo Veneziano.

In the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, where Jacopo Tintoretto and his son Domenico worked all their lives making the building a true monument to the art of Tintoretto. In addition to Tintoretto’s paintings, the Scuola is rich in statues and decorations in marble and wood, in particular the bizarre and unique allegorical creations of the sculptor Francesco Pianta. During the visit I will give you also unusual and funny information about Tintoretto’s family taken from my studies and publications dedicated to Jacopo Tintoretto and his families.

Duration 2-3 hours.

Andrea Palladio: the church of Saint Giorgio Maggiore and the Redentore

This guided tour will take you to discover two churches located on the islands of San Giorgio Maggiore and Giudecca and designed by the architect Andrea Palladio, one of the protagonists of Venetian architecture of the sixteenth century. Inside the buildings there are some masterpieces of the sixteenth century, including paintings by Jacopo Tintoretto and Paolo Veronese. From the islands of San Giorgio Maggiore and Giudecca you can also enjoy an extraordinary view of Venice. The tour includes also a short walk tour to discover the Giudecca Island.

The visit to the church of San Giorgio Maggiore and Redentore takes place by vaporetto or private water-taxi. Duration: 3 hours.

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Tintoretto 2019 is The book with my essay dedicated to Tintoretto, his family and the Scuola Grande di San Rocco.