arte contemporanea a Venezia

Venice is considered an immutable and ancient city, even if the Venice Biennale was the first international contemporary art exhibition in the world and, despite the fact that other cities today hold the record for contemporary art, it is possible to follow stimulating itineraries in the city where the past mixes with the present. In Venice there is a continuous transition between the past and the present, emotions and spaces. I hope to convey my passion for the ancient and the modern in Venice and to show you this mix between past and present and take you to see the spaces where ancient architectures become sets for modern installations.  Some international important Foundation, such as the François Pinault Foundation, the Prada Foundation and the Guggenheim Foundation have chosen to set up in Venice every year highly qualified exhibitions, that I would like show you. For those who are interested in getting to know smaller but equally qualified exhibitions, I also organize visits to local art galleries and artists’ studios. I decided to create these exciting experiences in contact with contemporary art to meet customers’ requirement. For information: