Visit of Cà Pesaro, modern art museum of Venice

The visit of Cà Pesaro, the Museum of Modern Art in Venice, allows you to follow an extraordinary itinerary through European sculpture, painting and decorative arts of the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries.

The museum is housed in the sumptuous baroque Palazzo Pesaro on the Grand Canal and inside there are works by the main European sculptors and painters of the last two centuries. The guided tour of Cà Pesaro allow you to admire works by Auguste Rodin, Medardo Rossi, Adolfo Wildt, Giorgio De Chirico, Gustav Klimt, Emilio Vedova and other artists . Togheter with these artists there are exposed some important paintings, which were purchased at the Venice Biennale by the city of Venice. The museum has recently expanded the exhibition with some representative and beautiful works of American Pop Art and Arte Povera.

During the guided tour of Cà Pesaro you will admire some Murano glasses, sculptures and vases, designed by Carlo Scarpa and Fulvio Bianconi. Cà Pesaro, the modern art museum of Venice, is also a museum of great interest for modern, contemporary and design art lovers. The palace has got also some frescoes, gilded frame and original Venetian baroque floors and a beautiful view on the Grand Canal. Duration of the visit of Cà Pesaro: 2 hours. For information about this guided tour contact me:

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arte contemporanea a Venezia