Splendors (and secrets) of St Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace

Visit of the Doge’s palace and the basilica of St Mark

The basilica of Saint Mark and the Doge’s palace were for centuries the political and religious core of Venice.

The visit of Saint Mark’s basilica and the Doge’s palace allows you to admire the splendor of Venice, in an original journey back in time full of unpublished information taken from my studies and curiosities. You will visit St. Mark’s Square, the ancient political and religious center of the city. You will see the bell tower, the clock tower, the Royal Palace, the basilica of St. Mark’s, that is an extraordinary architecture with a style between East and West with precious marbles and 8000 square meters of golden mosaics, the Doge’s Palace rich in paintings, statues, golden decorations and the prisons of the city. The Doge’s palace is the most important building to understand the Venetian history and art. The guided tour ends in the small Royal garden or with a walk to Rialto.

The skip-the-line service is available for the basilica (with supplement) and the Doge’s Palace during the high season. Duration 3 hours.

The secret itineraries of the Doge’s Palace

This tour will lead you to discover the hidden parts of the Doge’s Palace: the impressive and cramped 16th century prisons, the torture room, the ducal chancellery, the hall of the Heads of the Council of X and the prisons of Giacomo Casanova where you will learn the story of his daring escape that was told by him in a book. I will tell you the stories of Venetian painters facing the Inquisition, stories sometimes dramatic, sometimes with unexpected implications. In these rooms you can admire some paintings by Paolo Veronese, Jacopo Tintoretto and Giambattista Ponchino. The visit also includes an itinerary through the main rooms where the political life of the city took place, the Bridge of Sighs and the new prisons.          

Duration 2 hours. For information contact me: fiorellapagotto@gmail.com