The 59th Biennale of Venice -The milk of dreams

The Milk of dreams, the title of the 59th edition of Biennale of Art Venezia 2022 curated by Cecilia Alemani, is also the title of a book written by Leonora Carrington (1917-2011), the surrealist artist.

In this book, with pictures made by the artist, the persons and the creatures can change and become something different.

Leonora Carrington did paintings and designs for her children in Mexico, where she lived the most of her life. She wrote tales and painted the wall of her house with big pictures of wondrous creatures. Some of these designs were made on little notebook, that  Leonora Carrington called The milk of dreams

The book of Leonora Carrington is the occasion for the curator to talk about the body transformation, the metamorphosis of the body and the definition of the human.

Cecilia Alemani had many conversations with the artists about how is the definition of human change, which are the differences between human, non-human.  How will be the world without us. 

These are just some topics of this Biennale of Venice 2022, that have an interesting and long list of artists invited (213) coming from 56 nations, with a majority of female artists.

There will be 31 official collateral events in the city. 

Leonora Carrington and Max Ernst are also two of the protagonists of the exhibition Surrealism and magics: Enchanted Modernity, currently hosted at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice.

Max Ernst e Leonora Carrington

Leonora Carrington and Max Ernst

Leonora Carrington met the surrealist painter Max Ernst in 1937, she was twenty and he was twenty-six years older and was already married. Despite this, they fell in love, and lived two years together in Paris. Leonora told that she fell in love with Max Ernst’s paintings before she fell in love with the artist,

In 1939 France declared war to German and Max Ernst, who was German, but against the nazism, was imprisoned twice in a concentration champ. After one year, they escaped to Spain, but Leonora had a breakdown and ended up in a psychiatric clinic.

Then Leonora decided to get married with a Mexican diplomatic, who helped her, and Max Ernst met Peggy Guggenheim, who become his wife in 1942, but they divorced in 1943. 

In 1940 Max Ernst painted the beautiful canvas Leonora in the morning light. The girl is a lush forest in the dazzling morning light.

They met again in New York, but just like friends, then she left to go to Mexico, where she lived the rest of her life and wrote also The milk of dreams.

The milk of dreams and other monsters

The milk of dreams: a gallery of these creatures strange and a little scaring :

Senorita Gomez Castillo- The monkey in the forest

The monster of Chihauhua: it has six legs, a golden jewel and pearls…

Senor Mustache-Mustache

The girl who eat spider…brr

Changes and transformation are a constant in our life…

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Fiorella Pagotto

Leonora in the light of the morning